Packaged Tours / Holidays

Corporates and groups. Let our highly skilled resources are well versed with global tourism attractions and have a high experience in getting the Best for your holiday, business trip. You can holiday at an incredible range of destinations, fly the airline of your choice and stay at hotels of your choice. You can opt for transfer in the luxury of your private car or enjoy meeting an international mix of co-travelers on the seat-in-coach (SIC) transfers we offer you a wide range. You can enjoy a large variety of sightseeing options and excursions to experience and explore your holiday destination.All you have to do is to decide where you want your employees or business partners to go for a travel incentive scheme and we’ll take care of every other tedious detail. We have a number of unique services to put you completely at ease. Our international network will ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you will always get the best of services. CTT experts have travelled extensively around the world, so you can be assured of a vast bank of knowledge. Every hotel, excursion and journey has been carefully considered and our destination experts leverage their deep knowledge and strong relationships to select the very best local guides and accommodation, without compromise.

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